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Our History

Energy is at the base of everything. What we are results from the union of two very stable energy sources.

Enerline was born from the partnership between OMATAPALO – Engenharia e Construção, S.A. and PAINHAS, S.A., benefiting from a considerable portfolio in the field of energy transport and distribution, built over more than 35 years.

Officially incorporated in 2014 under the name of PAOMATAPALO, S.A., we have contributed decisively to the increase of electrification in Angola, establishing ourselves as a reference company in the energy sector.

In 2021, PAOMATAPALO, S.A. changed its name to ENERLINE, S.A., preserving its values, skills and corebusiness. A new name, but the same energy and quality as always.

What We Do?

Enerline assumes a reference role in the Angolan energy sector, specializing in the development and implementation of projects, construction and maintenance of infrastructure for transport and distribution networks for electricity, gas and telecommunications.

We apply our knowledge to provide the national power grid with the robustness needed to cope with the growth in consumption, provide redundancy in energy supply, increase the stability of the network, and consequently improve the quality of power supply to the population and industry in general.

The various projects undertaken in the expansion of the national power grid allow a greater number of consumers to have access to electricity, promote industrial and agricultural projects, increasing the quality of life of people and contributing to the economic growth of the country.


A nossa MISSÃO, tem a essência de proporcionar a prestação de serviços de excelência; superar as expectativas dos nossos clientes e partes interessadas; proporcionar conhecimentos, competências e o bem-estar dos nossos trabalhadores; contribuir para o prestígio e o desenvolvimento económico e social de Angola.


A nossa VISÃO, assenta em sermos reconhecidos na nossa atividade principal, como uma referência no mercado em Angola, sustentada num corpo técnico altamente especializado, experiente, na vanguarda da inovação e na busca constante da excelência.


Os nossos VALORES, caraterizam-se nas convicções que fundamentam as escolhas por um modo de conduta tanto de um indivíduo quanto em uma organização, destacando-se:

  • Cultura de segurança, saúde, ambiente e qualidade e responsabilidade social;
  • Respeito pelas normas legais;
  • Satisfação e compromisso com o cliente e partes interessadas;
  • Proatividade, rigor, sustentabilidade, eficiência e rentabilidade;
  • Formação, competência e inovação;
  • Humildade, solidariedade e espírito de equipa;
  • Valorização, motivação, satisfação contínua dos nossos trabalhadores.

– We look to the future with the solidity of a present marked by technical competence, professionalism, and the ambition to evolve every day.

– We are proud to be one of the main players of the sector in the national market. We also aspire to be a reference abroad, supported by a specialized and experienced technical staff and at the forefront of innovation.

– The constant search for efficiency, economy, productivity, quality and continuous improvement are part of our daily routine. This is the only way we can achieve excellence and exceed our customers’ expectations, through an integrated management of the entire value chain.

– Defining and taking firm steps towards energy sustainability is one of the pillars that guides our action.

– We invest in the evolution and growth of our employees, with training to develop skills and knowledge.

ENERLINE contributes to the prestige, economic and social development of Angola, through a more complete and efficient energy distribution, thus improving the welfare of the Angolan population.

– We are made of energy. We are made of people. We are the sum of their values, qualities, and aspirations.

– The success of a company depends on a strong and distinctive culture of values. At ENERLINE, we are committed to our customers, to the country and to the environment in which we operate, in search of the perfect balance between needs and the environment.

– Proactivity, safety, accuracy, sustainability and profitability are the basic values that guide our business, following the standards and best national and international practices.

-. Through training, competence and innovation, we create supportive, cohesive and efficient teams, ready to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive environment.

– At ENERLINE, we are proud to leave our mark. We value and create a legacy. We transform for the better.

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